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Micro-Design Custom Built Tractors
Gear Boxes
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Effective Date: January 01, 2002 prices subject to change  
Please indicate stock numbers when ordering.  
PS-001 Pro-Stock Tires $40.00
HG-001 Hitch Gages $4.00
GB-001 Three Hole Gear Box w/ bushings $20.00
MS-001 mid-shafts $8.00
  mid-shafts 5 for 35.00 $35.00
BU-001 Bushings 3/8X1/4 $0.30
WDT-001 2WD tires w/out hubs $50.00
WDT-002 2WD tires w/ hubs $75.00
AX-001 axles 1/4" round x 7" long w/ e clip $5.00
PG-001 Plastic gears TBD
AG-001 Aluminum Gears TBD
GB-002 Assembled gear box w/out first gear $75.00
GB-003 GB-002 w/ used black widow engine $100.00
GB-004 GB-002 w/ used TD engine $125.00
FWD-001 4WD Gear box $40.00
TWD-001 2wd gear box $20.00
TWD-002 TWD-001 complete $85.00
  equipment custom built to specification TBD
  used equipment as available TBD
  Other charges that may occur  
TAX-001 Tax before shipping 6.50%
SHI-001 Shipping $5.00 to $20.00
Orders over $100.00 freight is prepaid.  

Last Updated on 12/15/2001
Pro Stock Tractor
4430 Pro Stock   $200

Pro Stock Pulling Tires
PS-001    $40

AMD style gearbox
GB-001    $20

AMD style gearbox
GB-002    $75

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We have many other parts and pullers, new and used. If you need it we probably have it!

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